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Sewerage & Drainage

Upgrading urban water supply systems is rapidly changing the texture and increasing the volume of the wastewater generation. The storm water volume is also increasing very fast due to seamless urbanization. Such modernization demands for advanced products, for improvement of all components, especially underground collection infrastructure for wastewater as well as stormwater Management. Alcorr DWC PE pipe is a tailor made Product to tide over any impasse in this regard. The System Components of S&D Projects are crystallized as:

  • Catch pits
  • Class SN 4 & SN 8 (case specific) DWC PE Pipes
  • Manholes
  • Intermediate and Conclusive Sewage/Drainage lifting Nodes (Pumps)
  • Online/offline Storage for attenuation of peaks of Storm Drainage (Run-off) Hydrographs to ensure a hydraulically compatible flow volume for any existing D/S end systems. Such depression storage are might as well be comfortably suitable for Rain Water Harvesting purposes.

Apart from the DWC PE Underground Sewers / Storm Drains which is the basic Alcorr Product, with some user-friendly systems physical modifications, two of above components, Manholes, and Flow Attenuation piped storage can also be configured by APEL on demand.

Alom Poly Extrusions DWC Pipes


  • Alcorr DWC PE pipes certified with IS 16098 (Pt-2): 2013 are suited for runways and land drainage for airports.
  • Telecorr DWC PE pipes are suitable for cable installation and protection along runways, and for the airport infrastructure.

Alcorr DWC Pipe outlet


Alcorr DWC PE piping system in the form of half perforated (Solid Invert) versions also finds its applicability for Railway Track Drainage. Meticulous planning for regular maintenance of such non-conventional through mechanical & hydraulic (pressure) cleaning from a widely spaced Inspection-cum-Maintenance Chamber shall be an imperative necessity in this regard.

Telecorr DWC Pipe

Roads & Highways

The system is unequivocally a holistic solution towards Highway Drainage either in the form of buried conduit or Cross Drainage (Culverts). The applicability has been duly recognized by the State Public Works Departments through the incorporation of the related item in their concerned SORs.

Culvert pipes

Sports-Fields and Golf Courses

Alcorr DWC PE perforated pipes are ideal for sub-surface radial drainage for sports arenas such as Cricket Stadia and Golf Courses. Recent Developments include its use in under pitch heating and moisture extraction systems.

We have experience in installation in the most prestigious sports fields, such as the KSCA Cricket Stadium in Bangalore, India.

Sports field drainage Sports field drainage Sports field drainage